The World’s Most Expensive Beers

Popping down to the local for a quick pint or two has never broken the bank, beer is one of the world’s more reasonably priced little luxuries. Yes, you will pay a little more for craft beer than mass produced lagers, but having said this the beers we are about to feature are among the most expensive that you can possibly find.

Sapporo’s Space Barley

Sipping a bottle of Sapporo’s Space Barley is definitely an out of this world experience. That is because the beer is a result of a scientific experiment. Russian and Chinese scientists wanted to see if they could grow barley on the International Space Station. Five months later the barley returned to Earth where Sapporo the giant Japanese brewer turned it into the world’s first ever space beer. A bottle of this cosmic brew will set you back around $20.

Sapporo beer
Sapporo beer

Crown Ambassador Reserve

Turning up the heat as far as price is concerned this beer costs $90 a bottle, admittedly it is a large 750ml bottle, but it still is only one. Crown Ambassador Reserve is made in Australia and the reason it is so expensive is that it is aged in oak barrels from France for one year, and then it is poured into champagne bottles complete with cork. A second reason for the price it that is made in limited batches of only eight thousand bottles per year, and the marketing hype is that it is a true alternative to wine.

Tutankhamun Ale

A 500ml bottle of this ale will set you back $75 which makes it just as expensive as our previous beer. At 6% ABV it is just above standard strength, but it is the history behind this ale that makes it so expensive.

Dr. Barry Kemp who is a Cambridge archaeologist discovered Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery in 1990 under the sands in Egypt. He then set about to analyze the ancient beer deposits he found, eventually he came up with a recipe of the ancient Egyptian beer that was last made over three thousand years ago.

The recipe was handed over to the Jim Merrington brewery in Scotland who produced a brew worthy of a queen and at a royal price too. A couple of years later the brewery was forced to close, perhaps an ancient curse?

Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck

This beer is a result of a battle to see who could make the strongest beer in the world. The cheeky reference to the famous German battleship was because a German brewery Schorschbrau held the record for the strongest beer, and a British brewery wanted to sink that title.

The ABV of Sink the Bismark is absurdly 41%, which is stronger than most spirits, and a 375ml bottle of the heady ale will set you back $80. Brewing a beer so strong has its difficulties and the brewer classes this beer as a quadruple IPA as it was freeze-distilled four separate times. It also contains four times the normal amount of hops which makes it extremely bitter. These beers are among the most expensive in the world, and should you be lucky enough to sample one then the advice is to sip it slowly.