The Newer Drinks of the Breweries

The Breweries had to evolve over time, with changing market conditions and tastes. The growth of competition has resulted in many of the smaller operations being brought down and purchased by the larger and more successful companies. This has meant that in order to remain competitive, breweries had to adapt their drinks they supply to comply with the demand.


For years, the industry was dependent on a stable market where people had fairly predictable tastes. The variety of drinks on offer was fairly consistent. People either drunk beer, stout, lager or cider. If they did not drink this, then they would opt for either wine, spirits or a soft drink.

The only changes in beers on offer, available in bars, would be as a result of the ownership of the bars. The breweries could then control the beers these bars would sell. Today the situation has changed as many of the smaller breweries have been bought out by the larger ones, and this has resulted in there being a greater variety of beers being served in bars.

Breweries have also had to adapt to political policies. Many nations have implemented tighter drink-driving laws which means that a number of the customers who enter the bars are unable to drink alcohol. This has seen the emergence of alcohol free beers and lagers which satisfies the desire for the drinkers to have a beer without the risk of losing their driving license.

Time has also seen a change in people’s tastes. Beer is not as popular as it once was and people are more attracted by sweeter tastes. This has seen the emergence of the alcopops which are flavored alcoholic beverages. This can include both brewed and distilled drinks.

The difference in the ciders that are served today reflects the changes. Thirty years ago customers were either given the choice of a locally produced “scrumpy” cider or a dry cider that was provided from the brewery. Today there are many innovative drinks on offer, such as a number of fruit infused ciders.

New drinks, like Bacardi Breezers, have been made available which are spirits that are served in made-up ready to drink bottles. They come in a variety of flavors and the bottles make them an attractive purchase.

These alcopops have made a huge impact on the market as many people find them easier to drink. This is especially true with young males who had previously chosen traditional lagers, beers and ciders. Now they find the new drinks on offer easier to consume and less bitter.


There are now more non-alcoholic drinks on offer because people do not wish to want drink alcohol. And there have also been different varieties of made-up fruit drinks created as the breweries have experimented with producing different types of fruit cock tails.

In the past, the bars have been forced to produce their own mixtures, but they no longer have to do this nowadays. The breweries are supplying bars with these soft drinks that often replicate alcoholic beverages yet are alcohol free; and the customers is happy with the available selection.