The Most Expensive Craft Beers in the UK

You might think your local charging £4.50 for a pint is a rip off. In fact, the average beer price in London recently passed £5.10. But these beers? They laugh at your wallet. It took extensive searching (and a couple of lunchtime pints) to create this list – but we got them all together in the end. Ladies and gentlemen, costing up to £18 a pint, we present the 4 most expensive beers in the UK.

Brewdog Tokyo

This creation from the hugely successful team behind Punk IPA comes in at a ridiculous £10.19 for a 33cl bottle. We won’t bore you with the details, but we did the maths – and that would make a pint worth £17.52! However, Tokyo weighs in at 18.2% ABV. This made it the strongest beer in the UK on its release in 2009. So we guess you’re getting your money’s worth alcohol wise.

At a time when the nation was hotly debating the topic of binge drinking, Tokyo’s strength caused a mild panic among the media and some politicians. In response, Brewdog came up with another beer – a 0.5% brew, cheekily entitled Nanny State.

North West Double IPA

London is well known for its expensive beers, but at 3 times the average price of a pint, North West IPA certainly stands out. Brewed by Cloudwater Brewery based in Manchester, this particular price point, of £13.40, was set by The Rakes pub in Borough Market near London Bridge.

However, the brewers were quick to remind the public that, at 9% ABV, this double India Pale Ale is more often served in half pints and cannot be put in a ‘fair comparison’ with your run of the mill lagers. The distributors also entered the debate about this pricing that occurred on social media and in the media, saying that this beer ‘probably costs 3-4 times more to make than another standard beer’ and that ‘good beer costs good money.’

The Unhuman Cannonball

Dropping in at a cool £15 for a pint, you can only sample this triple hopped pale ale in limited quantities and once a year. Chorlton Bar in Manchester was one of the only bars to sell this particular brand – and charged well over a tenner for it. Described by its Huddersfield based brewers, Magic Rock, as taking ‘IPA to another dimension balancing massive citric aroma, deep tropical fruit flavour and gravity defying drinkability to deliver a hop experience that is out of this world’.  Whatever you think of the price point, the Chorlton sold out of its limited run pretty quickly – so it was certainly popular.

Brookyln Brewery Sorachi Ace

One of the cheaper options on this list, at £3.49 for a 333ml bottle (that’s about £6 a pint). However, some pubs will charge up to £18 for this beer as it is hard to obtain during draught in the UK. Fermented with champagne yeast, and using rare Japanese hops that are now only grown in the US after being discarded by Japanese brewers, Sorachi Ace is certainly an exotic beer. Although, at 7.6% ABV it is pretty weak compared to some of the others we’ve mentioned. Granted, there are more expensive brews in the country, but these are our picks as the contenders to both make a dent in your finances and amaze with their taste.