The Month in UK Beer and Pub News: November 2019

Bristol Brewery Offers Voting Registration to Homeless Constituents

It’s been a fraught time in UK politics over the past few years, and the upcoming December election has so far done little to calm people down. So, you’d be forgiven for taking solace in a nice pint – whatever your political persuasion. One Bristol brewer isn’t content with just sitting back and enjoying the non-political life though, as they now plan to offer the South-Western city’s homeless population the ability to register as a voter at their premises.

Currently UK voters without a fixed address are able to vote, but only after printing off an online form, filling it out with a proxy address and posting it to the government. This is, understandably, something many rough sleepers might find quite difficult. That’s why staff at the Bristol Beer Factory have decided to help any homeless person who wants to vote, through the entire process. They’ve also promised to help them out with a free hot drink too – lovely!

Beer Giants Making Moves into Renewable Packaging

This month several of the brewing industry’s biggest beer producers update their green credentials by promising to eliminate single-use plastic rings, that hold packs of beer together, by the end of 2020. Those committing to the pledge include Scottish stalwarts Tennent’s and global giants AB-InBev and Heineken. It’s estimated that such a move could save over 900 million tonnes of plastic being dumped into the ocean or other natural environments each year. The amount of potential damage this move prevents, for animals, the food chain and our shared planet as a whole, is truly awesome.

Beer Giants Making Moves into Renewable Packaging
Beer Giants Making Moves into Renewable Packaging

It comes at the end of a very green year for many of the world’s brewers, at least in Western markets, as consumers across the world become increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of the products the use and enjoy.

Judi Dench Samples Local Yorkshire Brew Named in Her Honour

Not many people get an entire run of beer brews named after them, and even fewer get to try that beverage for themselves. Not so for celebrated thespian and British legend Dame Judi Dench – who last week got to try Judi Quench, a beer brewed in her home city of York nonetheless. Thought up as a collaboration between local beer-makers Brew York and famed quirky student bar The House of Trembling Madness, Judi Quench is a 5.7% pale ale that is double-hopped for a ‘juicy’ flavour. Apparently, the Dame enjoyed her namesake beer, which was hand delivered to her house in Surrey by her nephew – who happens to be a friend of Brew York’s co-founder Lee Grabham.

Brew York are no stranger to celebrity inspired beers though, having got a can of their sour brew Simon Le Mon to York-born Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon earlier this year. Sorry Simon, you may be an ‘80s legend, but sadly you’re not quite on the same level as Dame Judi Dench.