The Best Traditional British Beers You Can Buy Today

There is nothing so welcoming as a British pub, and most of the patrons that frequent their local, do so to imbibe the great British ales and beers. Britain has had a long association of brewing, dating right back to medieval times and even earlier.

The Best Traditional British Beers You Can Buy Today

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) is an organization that promotes the brewing of traditional British beers, ales and ciders. It was created forty years ago when the brewing industry in the UK was being controlled by large corporate brewers. And trying to find a real pint of British ale was becoming harder and harder. So in this blog we have decided to list some of the great real ales that you can currently see in pubs and shops around the UK.

St Austell – Proper Job

This refreshing IPA (India Pale Ale) is one of the new-wave types of this traditional beer that have been hitting the pubs in recent years in the UK. The beer is a mix of Maris Otter and American Cascade malt barley, together with Willamette hops.

The resulting beer is packed with citrus fruit, and has an almost spicy finish to it. The floral hops ensure that this 5.5% beer is highly refreshing and perfect for a summer’s day.

Harvey’s – Sussex Best Bitter

This traditional bitter is brewed under the open square fermentation process and it is a subtle beer but with a deep complex character, and is really well balanced. This beer is best on draft, and although Harvey’s do bottle it  and package it in cans, it is best enjoyed from the cask and from pubs who know how to serve real ale.

XT – American Amber 5

The XT brewery in Buckinghamshire, fuses old world brewing with new world techniques. And this 5.5% American-style amber beer is both luscious and rich. Brewed using four different types of American hops together with grains from the UK, and Germany, this beer packs a full flavor and leaves lingering after tones of hops.

Allendale – Pennine Pale

Pale Ale has always been popular in Britain as it is light and refreshing, and Pennine Pale replicates the ales that have been enjoyed for so long in Britain. If you like a hoppy taste to your beer then you will adore this Northumberland brew.

It is made with three different hops, but has an extra element of Citra hops right at the end of the brewing process to add a lovely flavor. It sounds on the face of it that the makers of Pennine Pale have gone OTT on the hops, but surprisingly this beer is very well balanced, and to drink it is very uncomplicated and highly refreshing.

Green Jack – Baltic Trader

We finish our beer tasting with a real humdinger, brewed down in Suffolk by Green Jack, this beer is really strong (10.5%) but is a perfect example of Imperial Stout. This beer is perfect for cold evenings by the fire and will warm the cockles of your heart. At just under a tenner it is advisable to not get too fond of it though.