How is Cider Made?

In recent years cider is becoming an increasingly popular drink. In many countries the sales of cider are rising while the other more traditional drinks such as beer and lagers are declining. Although its popularity makes it seem a modern drink the production of cider… Read More

The Lagers of Northern Europe

This area contains two of the largest producers of world lager, Heineken and Carlsberg. Heineken is originally Dutch whilst Carlsberg hails from Denmark. Both of these companies are in the top five biggest breweries in the world. Heineken was founded in 1864 by 22-year-old Gerald… Read More

How is Lager made?

The term lager comes from the German term “lagern” and means to “store”. The drink originated in Bavaria in Germany in the early nineteenth century. The Bavarians experimented with techniques that involved storing their beers in lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Using yeasts… Read More

The Stout Beers of Ireland

The production of stout in Ireland is big business. The Irish have always prided themselves on their brewing industry. At the beginning of the 19th century there were over 200 breweries in the country and although today only twelve remain today they still produce huge… Read More

How do Beers Vary in Strength and Variety?

When putting different beers into different categories there are many different measures that one can use. The most obvious ones are the beers colour and its alcoholic content. However, there are other criteria that people use to distinguish between certain beers. The most obvious criterion… Read More