Cuisine and the Breweries

When trying to describe the relationship between the breweries and cuisine, it is not right to simply identify the nuts and crisps that are sold behind the counter. Neither does it cover the meals that are sold in pub kitchens at various times during the day. It is the alcoholic beverages that have made their way into recipes that are served globally.

One of the most popular French dishes is moules mariniere. The dish is served around the world and consists of mussels that are cooked in a mixture of butter fried shallots and white wine. The dish has been cooked in the country since the 10th century.

Moules mariniere
Moules mariniere

The French have a tradition of cooking with alcohol and this is certainly the case with Coq au vin. The main ingredients of the dish include shallots, mushrooms and red wine, but there are regional variations of the dish, with one of the most popular being Coq au champagne.

Countries became renowned with certain alcoholic beverages and this can be transferred across to some of the dishes that they eat. This is certainly the case in Ireland where Guinness is a part of the Irish culture. The drink is part of many recipes in the country but is most famed for its role in the Steak and Guinness pie, which is sold and served throughout the country.

Some dishes seem quite innocent and one would never assume they would be associated with alcohol. This is certainly the case with trifle and the version that is served at children’s parties is alcohol free. However, the version that is served to adults is a lot different, with the central jam sponge being soaked in sherry for a prolonged period of time. This is one of the more potent dishes because it isn’t cooked, and it preserves its alcoholic content.

Cider is a drink that has proved popular to cooks especially as apples have a history of being served with pork. One popular dish is Pork loin with scrumpy sauce, which typifies the role of the cider in most of the dishes. It acts as the main ingredient in the sauces.

Beer has become more popular in fish and chips batter. Fish that is deep fried is covered with batter, and a lot of today’s cooks use a mixture of flour, water, salt and beer to produce the batter. This is then deep fried, and the fizziness of the beer produces a light and crispy batter.

Fish and chips
Fish and chips

Whisky is a popular ingredient around the world and can be known by different names. In the United States it is known as bourbon and one favorite dish is bourbon baked beans. This is created when baked beans are mixed with bourbon and chili and are cooked.

There are many desserts that have used alcohol to add flavor to their taste. Rum is often used in sauces and one particular favorite is rum sauce that is poured over chocolate brownies. To make the dessert even more ‘spicy’, the brownies could be Guinness chocolate brownies which are a favorite in Ireland.

Alcoholic beverages have proved to be a useful ingredient in many dishes. The beauty is that the heat from the cooking often kills off the alcoholic content, just leaving behind the flavors that the cooks have been searching for.