Brewdog’s Best Beers

Scottish brewer Brewdog recently announced record revenues of £78 million in the first half of 2018, up 55% on the same time in the previous year. But what are some of the beers that have made this Aberdeen-founded brewer so successful? From refreshing takes on past classics, to unique brews that push boundaries or just damn tasty beverages, here are a few of this popular brewers most iconic, interesting and tasty beers they have created in their 11-year history.


Punk IPA

The grand-daddy of the so called ‘craft beer revolution’ Brewdog’s signature drink is now the no.1 selling craft beer in the UK. An update on the classic India Pale Ale format, Punk IPA has a fruity twist of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee to give it a thoroughly modern finish. This 5.6% ABV beer now sees nearly £20 million worth of sales across the British Isles every year.


One of Brewdog’s small-batch beers, this honeyed scotch ale also has a controversial history. The story starts with the debut of their US-style pale ale Dead Pony Club in 2008. UK drinks watchdog consortium the Portman Group, took offence to this name and attempted to ban it via the courts. Brewdog won the case and promptly brewed up a storm afterwards, upon release of their next creation – The Speedball. Named after the street nomenclature for a potent combination of certain substances, it also had the strapline ‘ ..we thought we would give them something worth banning us for…”. Predictably, it was promptly banned by Portman and the name was changed to Dogma before release.

The End of History

A 55% ABV beer served from a bottle inside the stuffed body of a dead squirrel wearing a top-hat. We honestly don’t have much else to say about that.

Nanny State

After the media controversies surrounding Speedball, and the release of £500 a bottle End of History, BrewDog responded in typically acerbic manner with the announcement of this 0.5% pale ale. Described as a full-flavoured and hoppy, this writer once suffered unimaginable disappointment upon picking up a bottle of Nanny State at a fancy London bar because I liked the name. Worth the price already then.

Elvis Juice

A personal favourite of this writer – so I’m definitely not biased here – this grapefruit infused American-style IPA is one of the absolute, undeniably greatest alcoholic beverages ever to grace the tankards of…. OK. Maybe that went a little overboard, but Elvis Juice does have a 3.7 rating out of 5 on the notoriously harsh Rate Beer reviews compendium.

Interestingly, BrewDog added to their catalogue of mischievous publicity stunts not long after the release of the beer. In 2016, the estate of the late rock & roll superstar Elvis Presley filed a lawsuit against Brewdog for infringement of copyright. The two founders promptly legally changed their name to Elvis by deed poll. The case was thrown out in 2018, and Elvis Juice is now the third best-selling craft beer in the UK.