4 More Weird Beers: This Time from Around the World

4 More Weird Beers: This Time from Around the World
4 More Weird Beers: This Time from Around the World

For some people, an orange in their pint of wheat beer is a weird thing to see. Well, let them try some of these out for size and they might think differently. Welcome, to four of the world’s strongest, strangest and downright bizarre beers.

Brewmeister Snake Venom, Keith Brewery

More like a strong liquor than anything you’d usually consider as beer, this 67.5% ABV fortified beer is brewed in the exotic clime of the small town of Keith, near Aberdeen in Scotland. In 2017 it was certified as the world’s strongest beer. They only sell one bottle at a time, for a cool £50, and it comes with a printed warning label. Being brewed in bonny Scotland, this is a weird beer that is actually often available in specialist British shops. Just don’t get one of your mates to neck it on a dare!

Beard Beer, Rogue Ales

Now this is a strange one – even coming from the brewery that made bacon doughnut beer and a spicy Siracha pepper stout. As the name suggests, Beard Beer was beer brewed with yeast collected from a man’s beard. Specifically, the beard of Rogue Brewery’s head brewer John Maier. Having had the same facial hair growth since he founded the brewery way back in 1978, John’s beard has seen over 10,000 brews. So, is it any wonder a suitable yeast for brewing was found there? Yes, is the answer. Coming in at 5.6% ABV, this Belgian style Ale has a ‘bready’ flavour – although we guess they could have meant beardy.

Steðji Hvalur 2 Þorrabjór, Brugghús Steðja

There’s no easy way to say this – this is a beer brewed with sheep dung and whale’s testicles. Yes, you heard that right. Aside from being unpronounceable, and brewed with unmentionables, this 5.2% ABV brew is supposed to have a salty, spicy and bitter taste. Which, considering it contains whale bollocks smoked with sheep’s dung is not surprising.

It was brewed near the town of Borgarnes in Iceland to celebrate the annual food festival, Thorrablot. All of this brewer’s special creations tend to sell out extremely quickly. So if (for some strange reason) you want to sample it, you’ll have to be quick!

Un Kono Kuro, Sankt Gallen

The Japanese brewer Sankt Gallen calls this 6.5% ABV drink a ‘chocolate stout’ – despite not actually containing any chocolate. But that is by far the least weird thing about this beer. So rare it doesn’t have a single review on aggregator site RateBeer, Un Kono Kuro is brewed with coffee beans that have been pooped out by Asian elephants. Known as Black Ivory, these special coffee beans are digested by the huge mammals at Thailand’s Golden Triangle Elephant foundations before being shipped to Japan for use in this beer. At $3 a gram, that’s some expensive coffee. If you want to sample Un Kono Kuru, you’ll have to travel to Japan where it is on tap at the brewer’s Tokyo bar.