3 Beer & Pub New Stories You Might Have Missed (October edition)

Welcome, dear reader, to the October edition of our monthly beer news roundup. From the sublime, to the strange or the downright sad and wrongful, we’ve covered three important pub news stories you might have missed this month. Go on – grab yourself a tasty beverage and enlighten your day.

3 Beer & Pub New Stories You Might Have Missed
3 Beer & Pub New Stories You Might Have Missed

Are You a Brew Gooder? Charity Beer Sells at Pick Your Own Price

Scottish entrepreneur Alan Mahon wants you to pay what you want for a pack of beer. In partnership with Aberdeen based craft brewing legends BrewDog, six packs of Clean Water Lager will sell online for anywhere between zero and £100. The real prize though? Knowing that you helped create a reliable and clean source of drinking water for impoverished citizens of Malawi and other African countries. “Every case that we sell at retail value allows us to provide clean water access for a person in Malawi for over two years. So, the question is: what value do you put on a beer that makes that type of social impact?” said Alan in a press release.

The offer lasts while stocks last, although only a thousand bottles were brewed – so don’t take too long to decide your price, or you might miss out.

London Pub to Serve Avocado Beer

£8 pints of craft bee and avocados – both things that have developed an association with the trendier parts of London over the past decade or so. But, until now, no-one has ever thought to combine the two.

Long Arm Pub on Worship Street in east London has announced they will be selling an Avocado Stout from next month. Priced at £5.50 for a pint, the brewer (who operate behind the pub, meaning it will be pumped into glasses direct from the tank) describes latest beer as “blending dark malts with the creamy flavour of avocado”. Oh and, if it needed to be any more millennial, its also 100% vegan too.


Toddler Hurt by Discarded Needle in Wetherspoon Pub

This last one is a bit grim, but we put it in to show that pub culture isn’t all charity beers and craft brewery press releases. Shamefully, there are darker sides to UK pubs – as Amy Bate, from St. Helens near Liverpool, found out this weekend. After letting her toddler, two-year-old Oscar, play under the table in her local Wetherspoons, she was shocked to see him emerge with a bleeding finger and clutching a used needle.


Luckily, the risk of contracting any diseases from discarded needles in public places is very low. “There have been no cases anywhere in the world of somebody contracting HIV through a needle stick injury from a needle discarded in a public place,” said a charity spokesperson for the National AIDS Trust. Still, it must have been a harrowing experience for young Oscar and his poor mother – we wish them the best of luck moving on from this incident.

Still, it just goes to show – always be careful of your surroundings when out with young children, even in the relatively safe environment of a pub. J.D. Wetherspoon has publicly apologised and offered Ms Bate a £50 gift card by way of compensation.